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    In May 2022, St. James' Settlement was funded by SIE Fund to launch a one-stop digital search and application system to maximise the impact of poverty alleviation in a new charity ecosystem. We aim that this new charity operating model can connect different stakeholders including beneficiaries, NGOs and funders. Beneficiaries can enjoy convenience, dignity and diversity of choices in a centralised digital platform for searching and applying for subsidy programmes and receiving subsidies.



  1. One-stop assistance subsidy search and online application platform
    • System-generated suggestions on appropriate subsidy programmes in accordance to users’ needs.
    • Easy search for various subsidy programmes in different categories.
    • Instant application and subsidy disbursement status check with registered accounts
  2. Use of technology, connect with stored value facilities
    • Users can receive subsidies via their registered e-wallets and spend their subsidies on goods and services in all registered merchants
  3. System management, data analysis
    • CharityToday platform empowers service providers to manage subsidies effectively and analyse users’ data to makes greater impact in service planning

Categories of Assistance

Search Programme

First programme using Octopus to disburse food assistance

Charity-To-Give(Application Closed)

Charity-To-Give(Application Closed)

Charity-To-Give aims to provide food subsidies to individuals and/or deprived families in need on a short-term basis. Each beneficiary will receive eight batches of subsidy with their registered Octopus card and spend at eligible merchants. The first batch of subsidy will be released to the Octopus card of the beneficiary, and the remaining seven batches of subsidy will be reimbursed according to the eligible spending amount of the beneficiary in the past week. The maximum subsidy for each batch is HK$400.

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Corporate & Donors
Welcome Corporates to plan Corporates Responsibility programmes and disburse monetary support or service to the needy efficiently through CharityToday platform.

NGO can publish assistance subsidy programmes details at our CharityToday platform to maximise the impact of poverty alleviation, enabling users to look for appropriate assistance subsidy conveniently.

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